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Hogushi Shimeji Mushroom

Mushroom’s growing period is approximately 100 days. At Shukaen, we produce different types of mushrooms with a lot of care in a hygienic environment. One of our recommended mushrooms is Hogushi Shimeji that have had their bases removed and have been cut into pieces for easy cooking. They are low in calories with a good source of calcium, vitamins and minerals that boost metabolism, and dietary fiber. Our hogushi shimeji mushrooms are chemical free and eco-friendly with less waste, grown in clean and safe facilities. Featuring in mild flavor with “umami”, they can be easily used in any dishes: curry, stew, soup, pizza, stir-fry and fries.

Benefits of our Hogushi Shimeji mushrooms


No prep and no mess in the kitchen! The bases are removed and the mushrooms are cut into separate pieces for easy cooking! Everything included is edible. Hogushi shimeji are grown in the chemical free environment and they don’t need to be washed before cooking.


Thinking of the environment, the removed mushroom bases are used for compost and recycled for future agriculture. No plastic tray containers are used. This ensures less waste in the kitchen, efficient packaging, and speedy delivery. We are more efficient and reduce water consumption.

Special packaging

In general, when mushrooms are stored in packaging, there is air in the bag. Our vacuum sealed packaging allows us to keep our mushrooms fresher and longer. In the future, we plan to use freshness-preserving films to further preserve freshness.

Where is Shukaen?

The best mushroom production in Kyushu, the southern island of Japan

Oki City, where our company is located, is one of the best water areas in Japan, with 16% of the total area. The Chikugo Plain was created by sediment deposits from the Chikugo River, the longest river in Kyushu. It is considered to be one of the best environments for agricultural products under mild climates.



Strict Quality Control

Our priority is to ensure the best quality mushrooms are being produced. Our cultivation facilities are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized on a daily basis. Our values not only involve hygienic care, but we also focus on quality control by monitoring temperature, humidity, and CO2. We use the latest technology in every step of the process. Our production is very efficient and has saved lots of energy. By producing high quality mushrooms and promoting strict hygiene management at our facilities, we can deliver delicious and safe products.



We support mushroom businesses with our techniques

Under the brand of ‘Made in Japan’, we support mushroom production around the world with our excellent varieties of mushrooms and cultivation techniques. We can meet your cultivation needs by advising on how to save labor costs at your facilities. We can also advise on startup investment strategies when it comes to mushroom production facilities and cultivation methods which will help with reduce operating costs.



Meet our customers’ needs

We produce different types of mushrooms: shimeji−the mainstay of our business−, shiitake, eryngii, enoki, and maitake mushrooms. As lifestyle and market needs change, our flexibility allows us to respond to our consumers for both individual and commercial use. Our facilities are equipped to handle market changes and adapt with growing trends.

Safe, Healthy, and Fresh Mushrooms from Oki City

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