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The appeal of shimeji mushrooms

Shimeji mushrooms are low in calories and rich in minerals, vitamins, and dietary fiber. The beauty of shimeji mushrooms is that they can be used in all kinds of dishes such as cooked rice, risotto, soup, pizza, stir-fries, and relishes. It takes about 100 days to produce shimeji mushrooms. It takes about 100 days to produce shimeji mushrooms, which are carefully prepared one by one in a hygienic environment.

Characteristics of Shimeji mushrooms

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Ease of cooking

No hassle, no waste, easy to use ingredients that can be easily prepared. There is no need to cut off the stones or break off individual pieces, and no need for cutting boards or knives. Everything is edible. Because it is pesticide-free, you can put it directly into the pot without washing.


Eco-friendly, no waste. The cut stone parts are composted and returned to the environment. The packaging tray is also unnecessary, which improves the efficiency of packaging and saves energy in delivery. Consumers can also save time and water for washing cutting boards and knives.

Special packaging

In general, when mushrooms are put into a bag, there is air in the bag, but we use a method called "degassing" to remove the air before packaging. Deaerated packaging allows for a longer quality retention period. In the future, we plan to use freshness-preserving films to further preserve freshness.

Features of Shukaen

The best in Kyushu
Mushroom Production

The town of Oki, where Shukaen is located, is one of the best water areas in Japan, with creeks covering 16% of the total area.
In a mild climate, the Chikugo Plain, where soil from the Chikugo River, the longest in Kyushu, is deposited, is the best environment for agricultural products.



Thorough management system for high quality taste

Mushroom cultivation sites are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized on a daily basis. Our first priority is to maintain the quality of the mushrooms, and we take all possible measures to control the temperature, humidity, and carbon dioxide in the room as well as to take care of hygiene. We are also striving to save energy by greatly mechanizing a series of work processes. By realizing both high quality taste and thorough hygiene control at the production site, we will continue to deliver delicious and safe mushrooms to your table.



Responding to diverse cultivation needs with technological capabilities

Under the brand of "Made in Japan", we help mushroom production all over the world with our superior varieties and cultivation techniques. We can respond to various cultivation needs, such as factory production with thorough labor saving and proposals for cultivation methods that utilize the natural environment with low capital investment and running costs.



Customer's original products are also supported.

Shimeji mushrooms are the mainstay of our business, and we also produce a variety of other mushrooms such as shiitake, eringi, enoki, and maitake. There is no single size or shape, and we also sell a variety of standardized and original products to meet the changing dietary needs of our customers.


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